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Everyday Easy Bone Grafting

Recipe book for easy bone grafting! Dr. Michael Dib provided an overview of different bone grafting materials, techniques, and proper diagnostic schemes. This will ensure a higher success rate.

He reviewed the four types of osseous grafts: 1) autographs – gold standard according to the research, however complications and morbidity are higher;  2) allographs –demineralized and mineralized bone, most research;  3) alloplasts – synthetic , residue bone tends to stay soft;  4) Xenographs – animal bone, radiopaque, long lasting, lots of studies from Europe-search PubMed. Dr. Dib has done research on bone grafting materials and techniques specifically for ridge augmentation and ridge preservation.

Throughout his presentation he referred to evidence based research and encouraged attendees to read the literature. Dr. Dib identified his personal thoughts and techniques that were not researched based – professional/transparent approach. He encouraged questions from the attendees which kept them engaged throughout his presentation.

Key phrases repeated (see this morning’s post -communication) throughout his presentation to ensure his message was delivered were: use mineralized cortical bone; space maintenance; allow blood clot to form; places a strong membrane that can withstand suturing and to maintain placement of bone for 6 months – block stability is a must; and wait 6 months to ensure integration. Shared a technique for attaching the membrane for ease of procedure…attach membrane to palatal flap, suture with P-3 needles, measure and adjust membrane, place bone, close membrane, and suture buccal aspect. ***Flap design (extend) is a crucial component of bone grafting***

Talked about his learning, his mentor, and identified learning curves the attendees may experience with trying the techniques and products. Dr. Dib is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, humble, and honest as evidenced by sharing his learning from unsuccessful cases and stressed not all cases can be treated.

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