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Men in black: CDHA Conference tidbits

Men in black: just for you at your national conference

Mise en scène: CDHA national conference venue, Lord Nelson Hotel, Halifax

Our intrepid Events Manager, Linda, was in her element with conferencing arrangements, working her charm and savoir faire on the hotel staff so that you have a great time at your conference.

Busy in the foyer, at the reception, in the corridors, walking the floors were discreet men in black – staff at the hotel. At the front lobby counter, Linda chatted with the friendly receptionist on being new to Halifax, and wondered aloud how to get the shortest route from the hotel to the site for our social event, the Down East Kitchen Party at Murphy’s. By the time, she reached the door, the bellhop softly said, “Getting there is no problem.” Linda smiled, “I must have it written on my face. Invisible Halifax ink.”

Beyond the doors, the concierge responded to Linda’s smile and waved a passing taxi, “This taxi will take you quick and safe to Murphy’s on Cable Wharf.”

Mind readers, all??

Linda’s sharp eyes caught the very discreet line of thin wire rising out of the collar into the ear – all the men in black had this. Word got around without a fuss, and your wish became their command.


What does this story tell me? Forewarned is forearmed. I rubbed my hands in silent glee. I could set up some strategic planning to my advantage. I plan to chat up with the hotel staff in the foyer myself. And let drop a teeny item from my wishlist; how I would like George Clooney as my date that weekend. Pssst!! Did you get that? Men in black?

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